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Marvel vs DC Doesn’t Really Matter

Marvel vs DC

Long before superhero movies began to dominate the box office, comic fans engaged in a never ending discussion.

The mere question of which comic universe is superior,Marvel vs DC, gets their respective fans up in arms as to who is the best.

Some fans begin to drop any semblance of sane behavior and begin to shout from the heavens as to why their favorite comic universe is the best.

We kept clear of those comments which tend to lean heavy on the vulgar side.

There are a few of the favorite things we have heard before.

“Marvel rips off DC.”

“DC is more realistic.”

“Marvel is too simple and lacks any depth.”

“Nobody could ever beat Batman.”

“Marvel is made for kids.”

Sure people are going to have their favorite, but we are at a loss when they attack those on the other side.

Does it really affect your enjoyment of Batman vs Superman if you see Marvel movies having success? Who cares if DC is able to knock out some amazing animated shows yet Marvel struggles.

A friendly argument is good to have but there is no need to push it to the extremes. Personally, we feel this battle between the two giants should be disregarded like yesterday’s news.

We are a fan of both but tend to lean towards Marvel because it is home to our favorite characters.

In the end, Marvel vs DC is more of a cause when fandom goes too far and beyond what the original creators intended when making these amazing universes.

Where do you stand on Marvel vs DC or does it not matter?

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