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MCU Avenger Deaths We Expect See

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Death is the one thing no hero can escape.

Before Phase 5 is done and in the books, we do expect multiple MCU Avengers Deaths to take place and probably break a few hearts.

For the most part, the heroes have remained in take sine the beginning, despite the losses of Iron Man and Black Widow.

With they being said., there are a couple of Avengers we do not expect to make it out. Oh we are skipping on GOTG because we have no clue on who is going to live through the final film later this year.


We we have enjoyed Thor’s character arc the most out of the original heroes, we feel his time is winding down. Perhaps his death would be a way to rally the newest Avengers.

Also, it would make a statement on the power of Kang if he is able to take down the strongest Avenger left.

Captain America

Maybe he is already dead, but the Steve Rogers version we have grown to love won’t be around for a return. Maybe the decision to give up the shield (Possibly influenced by Kang) is the precursor to seeing Cap die of old age.

Doctor Strange

We were torn on this one, but we think with the good doctor melding too much within the multiverses via magic will be his undoing.


This one might be a two-fer. We could see the demise of Scott Lang along with Hank Pym before things are said and done. A lot of our thoughts on this stem from some of the foreshadowing from the most recent Ant-Man movie.

Which MCU Avenger Deaths do you expect to see in Phase 5?

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