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MCU Phase 4 Characters We Want to See

MCU Phase 4 Characters

Marvel still has some pretty amazing characters that have yet graced the big screen.

Though we are still recovering from the intense ride of Endgame, we thought it was time to think of MCU Phase 4 Characters we wanted to see.

JG13 Gamer and I sat down to figure out which heroes and villains we wanted to see brought into the MCU.

After some debating, we came up with the following MCU Phase 4 characters we would love to see.

Beta Ray Bill – His first appearance had comic readers expecting him to be a villain. That changed when he showed what kind of hero he was and earned him the weapon Stormbreaker. He is rumored to be appearing in GOTG3.

Moon Knight – This hero believes he is the avatar of the Egyptian God of Vengenace. While some feel it was Marvel’s answer to Batman, he see this as a hard sell to Disney based on his level of violence.

Scarlet Spider – The character spawned during the Clone Saga series and became one of the more intriguing Spider-man variants. It would be an easy tie-in for the Green Goblin.

Fin Fang Foom – When it came to new villains, we wanted an interesting one and we thought the extraterrestrial creature would be perfect. Though there is no Iron Man, he might fit in with the GOTG or the new Avengers.

Kang the Conqueror – Since Endgame introduce time travel into the MCU, this is the one that makes the most sense. Maybe he gets annoyed at what they are doing and decides to reverse it.

Let us know who you would want the MCU Phase 4 Characters to be.

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