MCU Thunderbolts Direction

MCU Thunderbolts

Marvel is making the right choice.

When MCU Thunderbolts were announced, plenty of people on either side of the fence when it came to deciding if this is the right choice.

This is the right choice for the Marvel Universe.

We have already seen what DC has been able to do with the various Suicide Squad movies. But each time they were dealing with characters taking up the cause for their freedom.

This is different with the Thunderbolts who allowed to have their freedom but need to wear an inhibitor to keep things in check. By taking the approach, we can see how the characters approach things. 

More importantly, we think this gives them the chance to the character to still be seen andact as villains. Yes there are some who are working on a character turn, but in the end, the majority of the group still needs to be bad.


Last but not least is the addition of Harrison Ford to take on the role of General Ross Thunderbolt. We are glad to see they are not removing the character completely. What would things be without the Red Hulk?

Where will things end up? At this point who knows, but we are curious to see how things will play out.

What do you think about the MCU Thunderbolts direction?

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