Mega Man Pop Figures Hitting Shelves in August


Mega Man and Doctor Wiley will continue their battle in the Pop World by Funko.

The vinyl figure behemoth is at it again as they plan on releasing Mega Man Pop figures in August 2016.

When we first saw this announcement, we were a bit surprised they had not made these figures yet.  Funko has been going back in the time machine to give us Flash Gordon or Toy Story, we thought Mega man was already introduced.

The time has come to power up your the Mega Buster.

Funko is going to feature the following characters with their Mega Man Pop figures.

  • Mega Man
  • Rush
  • Proto Man
  • Dr. Wiley

We are not a huge fan of the Mega Man series but have to say they did a bang up job with the figures.





Would you consider picking up these Mega Man Pop Figures?

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