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Mega Man X Force Armor Model Kit

Venture into the Mega Man Series.

The Mega Man X Force Armor Model Kit gives fans a chance to showcase their fandom of the protagonist, X.

This model kit by Kotobukiya caught our attention when we were recently searching for new inventory. In 2022, we started to expand our catalog and found some success with model kits, like Mars Attacks.

Here are a few of the key model specifications.

・The kit includes three interchangeable face parts.
・The Buster can be equipped to the model’s left or right arm.
・・The head, body, arm, and leg parts are interchangeable with previously sold MEGA MAN X X, which enables users to recreate X as he is collecting the armor pieces from the game.
・The kit is made of multi-colored plastic and contains pre-painted parts, making it easy for users of all levels to build a model that closely resembles the character’s appearance in the game.
・The packaging includes a specially drawn illustration by Mega Man X series character designer Keisuke Mizuno.

Honestly, there is a lot to like about this Megaman model kit.

The model is detailed and the color scheme feels right. We love the interchangeable smiling face, which gives fans something else to showcase.

In addition, you can post X in a variety of ways, giving you a way to refresh the scene to your preference. We are curious how the kit would respond to additional painting.

While most people may not decide to tweak the colors, there are some people, like us, who may want to spruce up the model. Maybe add some damaged armor, or something along those lines.

You can order the Model Kit from Kotobukiya with a MSRP of $75.99 and expect to see it around July 2023.

Would you consider picking up the Mega Man X Force Armor Model Kit?

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