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Mezco Blade DMX Edition Should Be On Your List

Mezco Blade DMX

The Daywalker is coming for vengeance. 

The Mezco Blade DMX edition is coming and we have to say this might one of those figures you will need to add to your collection. 

Over the years, we have grown to appreciate what Mezco puts out. Whether it was bringing Conan or Harley Quinn to life, they have done a solid job. We were glad to see what they could do for our favorite Daywalker. 

The figure will stand six inches tall and have over thirty point of articulation. It will come with the following to complete his outfit. Sleeveless t-shirt, tactical armor vest, motorcycle pants, removable duty belt, left thigh harness for stakes, right thigh harness for handgun, and tactical boots

The figure will have Twelve interchangeable hands to interact with the various accessories. A submachine gun, shotgun, handgun, sword, boomerang blades, stakes, sunglasses, a gun blast FX, a gun firing FX and a One:12 Collective display base with logo.

Here are a few more images to give you a better picture.

Before we had a chance to take a look at this figure, we thought it would be a hard one to buy into. That changed the moment we saw the design put together. Some folks might be disappointed they did not draw upon the Wesley Snipes version but we think that would have been a mistake. Mezco made the right choice going with this design. 

They did a solid job with the design of the figures and the details. Even though there is nothing flashy, there is enough here to bring it to life on your shelf. 

Thanks goodness for multiple head sculpts. We are not a huge fan of Blade’s sculpt with the weird grin. We can not n ail down what is bothering us, but it is one we would not use a lot. Other than this minor knock, we think any fan of the Daywalker would want this in their collection.

You can pre-order the Blade DMX edition for $85.00 and expect to see it by the end of June.

Are you going to consider picking up the Mezco Blade DMX figure?

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