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Mezco Ragnarok Hulk Is a Perfect Fit

Mezco Ragnarok Hulk

Thor Ragnarok had several bright spots and the big green guy was one of them.

Mezco is giving you the chance to recreate some of those great battle scenes with a Mezco Ragnarok Hulk to add to your Marvel figure collection.

We have liked some of Mezco’s previous work, Red Skull and Old Man Logan, so we were curious about this version of Hulk.

The Hulk figure will feature the following to help you bring him to life when you have him out for display.


  • Will stand just under 8 inches tall
  • Two Head portraits
  • Six Interchangeable hands (Fists, Posing Hands, holding hands)
  • Film accurate costume consisting of several fabric pieces to resemble the movie version
  • Weapons consisting of Spiked battle axe and war maul


Here are a few more images of Mezco Ragnarok Hulk.

Overall, we love the look of Hulk. There is plenty of attention given to the detail of the Hulk figure.

We don’t think the pictures even do the figure enough justice based on Mezco’s description.

The only thing we would have done differently is add a few more accessories Hulk had in the movie, like the beaded necklace. This could give the figure a different feel.

You can pre-order from Mezco for $125 and expect to have it in your hands sometime between May and July of 2018.

Would you consider picking up the Mezco Ragnarok Hulk?



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