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Mezco Toys Destro Action Figure is a Must

Mezco Toys Destro

One of the more recognizable faces from Cobra enters the fray.

The Mezco Toys Destro action figure joins the One:12 Collective lineup and there is no doubt they made the right decision.

Mezco Toys has been capturing our attention lately with the Ultraman and Predator figures. This time around they decided to focus on one of my favorite worlds.

The One:12 Collective Destro is presented in his classic tactical outfit with tech enhancements, gauntlets with missile blasters, interchangeable thigh holsters, and combat boots.

Destro features three masked head portraits, sporting his iconic beryllium steel mask and includes his necklace with amulet.

Here are a few more images of Destro. 

Mezco Toys has continued to step up their game when it comes to their One:12 Collective line. There are a few things that really stick out to us. 

We love the approach they took with the facial sculpts and the varying options it gives you. We also love the group of missile affect you can attach to the gauntlet. 

At this time we don’t see a real knock on the figure and would recommend any fan of the series to snag it when they can.

You can pick up the figure from Mezco Toys for $100.00 and expect to see it around the first quarter of 2022.

What do you think of the Mezco Toys Destro action figure?





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