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Mezco Toys Doc Nocturnal Set Available for PreOrder

Doc Nocturnal

The Rumble Society has a new member you should meet.

By picking up this Doc Nocturnal Set by Mezco Toys, you will gain membership into the Phantom Knights.

We are pretty open when it comes to checking out what Mezco Toys has to offer. Part of the reason why we took a look at Conan. Once you take a look at this figure, there is no denying why we were attracted to it.

The Doc Noc figure has over 30 points of articulation and stands roughly seven inches tall. It comes along with two head portraits with hinged jaws and eleven interchangeable hands for fist, gun supports, posing, and resting hands.

The costume consists of a leather-like removable cloak, sleeveless, hooded tunic with skull 3D skull insignia, fitted bodysuit, gauntlets, utility belt with holster and knee-high boots.

You will have the following accessories to create multiple scenes.

  • A gas mask (fits over GID skull head portrait)
    A pair of removable goggles
    Four Hades Inferno grenades
    Death Ray with removable glow in the dark beam FX
    Ferryman: bespoke hand gun
    Iron Talon grapple claw
    Iron Talon grapple claw with posing wire
    Night Watch: wrist mounted apparatus
    The Device: super-sonic disruptor
    Tommy gun with two (2) removable drum magazines
    Two gun blast FX
    One:12 Collective display base with logo & post

Here are a few more images of Doc Noc.

The first glance we had of this figure and we were sold. It did not matter if he had a backstory or any kind of following. The design of the character was enough to draw us in and the accessories were the icing on the cake. 

We love the added touch of the GID head sculpt. It will really make the figure stand out on a dark display shelf.

An added bonus is the inclusion of a t-shirt and a comic book that contains two stories on the character. This is one of those figures that we would consider picking up even with the limited knowledge of what it stands for.

You can pre-order this item from Mezco Toys for $112.00 but there is a limit of two. You can expect to have it in your hands by December 2020.

What do you think of Mezco Toys Doc Nocturnal?

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