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Mezco Toys Fantastic Four Boxed Set Coming Next Year

Mezco Fantastic Four Boxed

Before they enter the MCU, Mezco Toys will bring them to you.

The Fantastic Four Boxed set by Mezco Toys is a trend we would love to see continued by the company who has continued to grow.

While we do enjoy collecting one figure here or there, Mezco Toys has opted to entice consumers with adding even more to their collection with their newest trend of boxed sets.

This time around, they are creating the Fantastic Four which will include the following;

Mr. Fantastic with interchangeable torso and arms along with a internal skeleton armature to make it highly poseable. 

Johnny Storm with interchangeable head, neck, and multiple Flame Fx.

Sue Storm with multiple invisible Fx. 

The Thing with trench coat and fedora. 


The design of the characters is on point and definitely brings back the original feel of the characters from the comics. Especially when it comes to the Thing. Is it just us, or do you see some of Jessica Alba in Sue Storm>

The downside to this amazing set is the price tag. You can pick it up on the Mezco site for $420 but to be fair it does come with four solid figures. 

You can expect to see this set out Spring 2022. 

Would you consider adding the Mezco Fantastic Four Boxed set to your collection?

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