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Mezco Toys Morbius Could Be Better

Mezco Toys Morbius

The living vampire comes to Mezco.

The Mezco Toys Morbius figure is the perfect way to give a brief glimpse into the character before the upcoming movie release. 

Mezco continues to develop their Marvel lineup with the newest edition.

The seven inch tall figure is going to feature over 30 points of articulation and will come with the following.

Three head sculpts with Eight interchangeable hands. The costume will consist of a fitted bodysuit, cape, and mid-calf boots.

The following accessories can be used to finish off the scene. A multilayer mobile science lab with light-up function, one test tube mixer, a mini computer, test tube, beaker, hematology analyzer, a foldable microscope, dagger, hammer, two stakes, serum gun and a One:12 Collective display base with logo with display post.

Here are a few images to help give you a better idea.

Overall, we think Mezco did a decent job with Morbius but we would not say they did an exceptional job.

The head sculpts are nice and the accessory items could make the scene setting interesting. Beyond that, we are not wowed by it.

How could they have fixed this? 

Honestly we are not sure. This is one of those figures where we think only true fans would want to collect it. It would have a hard time drawing in an average Marvel fan. 

If you are interested in picking it up, you can pre-order it for $85 from Mezco Toys and expect to see it around Sept to Nov 2021.

What do you think of the Mezco Toys Morbius figure?

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