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Mezco Toys Predator Deluxe Figure Looks Amazing

Mezco Toys Predator Deluxe

You can never have enough Predator. 

The Mezco Toys Predator Deluxe figure has come to hunt and we loved what went into their design. 

Normally we stick to NECA when it comes to Predator figures, but how could we not check this one out.

The figure will stand at nine inches and feature 28 points of articulation. The head sculpt will come with two different mouthpieces to give you some interesting options. You will also receive seven interchangeable hands to accomplish a variety of poses.

The figure will have the following costumes  pieces.

  • One bio-helmet with light-up function(attaches by magnet), Battle armor with fortified chest plate, Shoulder armor, Thermal netting, Wrist gauntlets, Belt, Knee armor, and Shin armor.

And then there are the accessory items. 

  • Articulated Plasmacaster with light-up function, Energy blast FX, backpack, Medicomp, severed spine with skull, spine bandolier, bone and skull bandolier, and a removable bone necklace.

Take a better look at the Predator. 

Mezco Toys did a top notch job when it came to the figure design. There is enough there to bring the character to life on your shelf, though it is something we have seen with other companies. 

You may be asking, why do we like it. It is the little things that got us. From the light up bio helmet to the Skull / spine prop. These little touches is what makes it for us, especially when there are other variation’s out there in the wild. 

While the price point of $100 is not too crazy, it might be the only reason to pass on picking up this collectible. 

You can pre-order the figure from Mezco Toys and expect to see it around July to Sept in 2021. 

What do you think of the Mezco Toys Predator Deluxe figure?

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