Mezco Toys Releasing a Black Bolt and Lockjaw Set

Black Bolt and Lockjaw

A man and his faithful companion are brought into the One 12 Collective.

Mezco has added to their One 12 Collective line with a new Marvel Black Bolt and Lockjaw set sure to capture your attention.

The company has done a solid job with other figures in the past, like Aquaman and Harley Quinn.

Here are some of the particulars of the set that stood out to us.

  • Black Bolt
    • One:12 Collective body with over 32 points of articulation. two head portraits that stands 6.7 inches tall. He comes with eight interchangeable hands, energy-harnessing suit, underarm wings, wrist gauntlets, Knee armor, and armored mid-calf boots. and one sonic scream FX .
  • Lockjaw
    • Has 6 points of articulation and stands 4.7″ tall. and his antenna lights up

Here are a few more images of Black Bolt and Lockjaw.

Though we are not a huge fan of the Inhumans, we love the work Mezco put into this set.

You can pre-order the Black Bolt and Lockjaw set from Mezco for $130 and expect to see it around the summer of 2020.

Would you consider picking up the Black Bolt and Lockjaw set by Mezco?

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