Mezco’s Monsters Tower of Fear Boxed Set Is Perfect

Tower of Fear

It is always spooky season for Mezco.

Mezco’s Monster Tower of Fear Boxed set reminds us how the classic movie monsters still hold a special place for us.

The company has continued to develop solid boxed sets to make collectors part with their money. Even with Thanksgiving a few days ago, there was no way we could pass talking about this boxed set.

Mezco’s Monsters Tower of Fear Deluxe Boxed Set contains 5 figures, a range of accessories, and a multi-level environment diorama.

Lurking in the shadows, you will find Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, Mummy, Sea Creature, and Werewolf, along with countless accessories. 


The creature design is solid and makes sure there is no denying who you are looking at. They did a good job of upgrading the figures with enough articulation to help lay out the scenes how you want. 

The real prize in the set is the diorama and the multiple accessories to create the layout. 

We are looking forward to adding this to our household. You can pre-order it for $95.00 from Mezco and expect to have it in your hand around March to May 2022.

Would you consider adding this Tower of Fear to your Mezco collection?

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