MIB International Pop Figures Coming Soon

MIB International Pop Figures

The MIB franchise is starting back up this Summer and Funko is adding their spin.

The collectible giant continues to add to their collection with the upcoming release of MIB International Pop Figures.

Funko has been spot on with other Pop figures from movies, like Toy Story or Jaws.

The following characters will be included in the MIB International Pop Figures.

  • Agent H
  • Agent M
  • Pawny
  • Alien Twins
  • Agent M with Pawny *Walmart Exclusive

Here are some images of the MIB International Pop Figures.

Overall, the figures are average. but that might have to do with our lackluster feel for the movie.

There are two that stand out. First is Pawny whose color scheme makes you want to pick it up.

The other figure we are intrigued with is the Alien Twins. We like how they created this one and it shows Funko is thinking outside of the box.

You can expect to see these Pop Figures on the shelves before you know it.

Let us know what you think of these MIB International Pop Figures and if you will pick any up.

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