Minecraft Creation: Mutant Iron Golem

Minecraft Mutant Iron Golem

Power Boy is excited about the prospect of getting Minecraft for the computer, especially when it comes to possibly creating mods.

In anticipation, he has come up with his very first creation, the Mutant Iron Golem.

This golem would be a neutral mob unless he is attacked by the player. It will attack hostile mobs as well.

Special Attacks

Freeze Vision – it freezes the attacked for 15 seconds.

Summoning Roar – It summons the mutant zombie, creeper, and enderman. In addition there is a chance to spawn a hostile iron golem.

Teleport – it sends its target to random locations

Throwing TNT – throws primed TNT at its target when its out of melee range

Golem Smash – this area affect attack sends shockwaves when it hits the ground and damages blocks.


Clawed Gloves

Spiked Armor

Iron Ingots (64)

Rose (64)

Rare Drops

Golem Saver

Emerald Armor

Diamonds (64)

Enchanted Diamond Sword

Is there anything else we should add to our creation?

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