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Minecraft Mod Review: Mists of Riov

Minecraft Mod Mists of RIOV

Power Boy picked up a copy of Minecraft for the computer and was chomping at the bit to try a mod. After some serious searching I came across one I thought he would like, The Mists of RioV.

I thought this was the perfect mod for him since it adds a good deal to the Minecraft universe. Here is a brief description.

The Mists of RioV mod for Minecraft brings people to the world of RioV, a land that bombards players with creatures known as Nizonians. The year is 1301 DoC, and for ten years the natives of this land have attempted to fight off the Granitions which they encountered in 1278 DoC. These Granitions, Nizonians, and the newest wave of enemies known as Nirons seek to destroy all the races of the Minecraft world, including humans.
Power Boy liked these three things:

1. The Dragon tools because they look awesome and do a lot of damage.

2. The bows because some of them shoot different arrows and one even shoots two.

3. The swords because some of them have great special effects, like the Wither effect, and they look cool.

Power Boy didn’t like these three things;

1. The orcs are extremely annoying and they are ugly to look at.

2. The Niozin are downright creepy.

3. The adventures because they are running around in their underwear.

Overall this is a well done mod and would be worth anyone’s time once you download it.

Rating $$$$$ out of $$$$$

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