Minecraft Mod Review: Mutant Creatures

Mutant Creature Mod

Power Boy wanted to find something different for Minecraft so he decided to take a look at the Minecraft Mod – Mutant Creatures.

The mod gives players a chance to test their mettle against a handful of creatures who have been affected by Chemical X, resulting in mutant versions. From zombies looking like Hulk to Enderman who are even creepier.

Here are what we thought of the mod.

1. The Mutant Skeleton Armor – It gives you a speed and jump boost effect despite being weaker armor.

2.The Creeper Minions – Who doesn’t want minions?

3. The Ender Soul Hand – Allows you to pick up blocks and throw them.

1. The Hulk Hammer – Doesn’t do as much damage as you would think.

2. The Creeper Shard – It is fun to blow stuff up but in survival mode, it takes along to charge back up.

3. The Mutant Snow Golem – Seems weaker than we expected.

Overall we would definitely recommend this mod to any Minecraft fans out there. If you have given this mod a try, let us know what you did or didn’t like.

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