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MK 11 Kombat Pack Could Have Been So Much More

MK 11 Kombat Pack

All of the names are known, now time to share what we thought on this DLC.

Netherealms released the final character list for MK 11 Kombat Pack and it put us through an emotional roller coaster that we are finally coming down from.

Sure we have enjoyed other DLCs like Injustice, but none have had our attention like this one. Based on the past releases, we had high hopes this one was going to blow us away.

On to discussing the character from MK 11 Kombat Pack.

Shang Tsung – They nailed with their first character release. Not only did they make him fun to play, they gave us the movie version of him.

Nightwolf – At first, we had some concerns with this, especially myself because Nightwolf was one of my favorites. In the end, he was represented well.

Terminator – Our first movie tie-in and while they did a great job with the look of it. We are not sure how much more it can offer to the game.

Sindel – Fans are craving to play her, but how many of them will be disappointed in how they changed her background

The Joker – Another movie tie-in, which is okay. But the design of the character looks off. Maybe his move set will help?

Spawn – Thank goodness they added the cape. Had it been MIA, this would have been a flop. Shame we have to wait until March 2020.

In the end, we feel this Kombat Pack is the middle of the road. Guess it could have been worse, but had they done things different, it could have been a whole lot better.

What are your thoughts on the MK 11 Kombat Pack?

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