MK 11 Masquerade Skin Pack Has Even More

MK 11 Masquerade Skin Pack

The spooky season is here and Mortal Kombat has something for you.

NetherRealm Studios released the MK 11 Masquerade Skin Pack with the hopes of making the upcoming Spookyseason even more so.

Fresh on the heels of our thoughts for our own version of the Terminator, we find more information from Netherrealms.

The Mk 11 Masquerade Skin pack was released this week for a small cost of $5.99. It feature news skins for a Wicked Witch Jade, a Psyko Killer Kabal, and a Calavera Liu Kang.

We think the MK 11 Masquerade Skin pack is nice but we are excited for the special event to take place from Oct 25th to Nov 1st.

The event will feature four new boss fights with different Halloween themed modifiers in the form of flying witches and bats, falling pumpkins, rising gravestones and sprinting black cats that will be integrated into these matches. This reminds us of the the Injustice 2 events they did last Halloween.

In addition, players will also be able to earn new Brutalities, Halloween-specific consumables, player module pieces and other in-game rewards.

Are you excited to get your hands on the MK 11 Masquerade Skin pack or are you going to pass?

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