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Monster Legends: Breeding Legendary Monsters

Monster Legends

Breeding monsters is one of the more intriguing aspects of the mobile game.

Legendary monsters are a vital part to the success of your team in the mobile game, Monster Legends but they can be hard to obtain for newer players.

Over the last few months, we have been covering various elements, like Fire and Dark, in terms of which is the best legendaries.

We then realized we forgot the basics and that there are several monsters players can breed. The game makers decided to give players a fighting chance to build their collection by offering the following legendaries breedale.

  • Arch Knight (Goldcore & Esthirel)
  • Vadamgma (Skipples & Duchess)
  • Nemestrinus (Rhynex & Darknubis)
  • Rockantium (Musu & Terracrank)
  • Thorder (Rabidex & Tartarus)
  • Lord of Atlantis (Razfeesh & Drop Elemental)
  • Goldfield (Erpham & Drop Elemental
  • Worker Hulk (Pandalf & Hyperion)
  • Darkzgul (Fayemelina & Darknubis)
  • Nebotus (Obsidia & Cthulhu)

Wen it comes down to it, these may not be the best legendaries ubt they are useful for several reasons.

For starters they are good beginners to have if you are starting the game. They also are helpful in filling out your library collection.

Another nice thing about being able to breed these legendary monsters is you are able to get them to the max level. Sure it will take some time, but it will help build up your Monster Power.

The biggest choice you will have is to either extract the cells when they are hatched or level them up to 100 then extract.  Find the path that works best for you and take it.

Which of these Legendary Monsters will focus breeding first?

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