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Monster Legends: Dark Supporters Rankings

Monster Legends

It is misleading to think the Dark element in Monster Legends has less than stellar support monsters.

Our Monster Legends series continues as we take a hard look at the various Dark Supporters  and where they end up in our Tier rankings.

This group was harder to break down into groups since most of them fell within the same range at first.

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Tier 1 -Samael (All), Krampus, Glitch, Jasatur, Mommy, & Akhenotep.

This group of supporters hold their own against some of the best supporters in Monster Legends. The two most noteworthy are Krampus and Samael. Krampus has a variety of moves to lock down your opponents and Samael has two skills that can revive allies.

Tier 2 – Nishant’s Pet, Nishant’s Bodyguard, Lilysha, Himass, Faugnar, & Master Skeel.

The second level of monsters are no slouches when it comes to Dark Supporters.  Nishant’s Pet has several possessing skills and Nishant’s Bodyguard can give your team evasion which makes them immune to status affects.

Tier 3 – Scryb, Jabaline, & Dr. Hazard

The pickings are slim in this group thanks to the limited members. If you go with one, Scryb is able to give some decent possessing skills to help your attackers gain the upper hand.

Tier 4 – Sir Slumberly

The only Dark Monster in the list, he suffers mainly because he is dated and his skills have not kept up. A good way to fix him would be to increase his stats and maybe a AOE shield of sorts.

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