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Monster Legends: Fire Attackers Rankings

Monster Legends

The Fire element is up next for our review of Legendary characters.

We are continuing our Monster Legends series with focusing on the Fire Attackers rankings for Legendary characters and which one will help you.

When you get down to it, the Fire element has some of the best Attackers our there, right up there with the Dark Element. But you can go wrong if you don’t focus on the right ones.

Reminder, we created these tiers based on our own play style.

Let’s begin with the tier rankings of our Fire Attackers.

Tier 1 – Kaih the Eradicator, Rador, General Darmith, Igursus, Lucifire, Passion, Shallinar, Remiel

The top one is Rador because of having the highest strength and the ability to do 10,000 damage with an AOE attack.

Tier 2 – Rabies, Dracontium, Commander Alvid, Tephra, Megaosteum

If you have to go with one, we recommend Rabies. He can apply sticky lava you can also deal massive fire damage to one enemy. So unless they have massive life, you should be able to take them out.

Tier 3 – Lord Moltus, The Firestorm, Raccoon, Ralbog, Tyros, Leviana, Darmith’s Pet

You have several options here but we would go with Leviana. She has the highest damage potential since she can give herself multiple damage boosts.

Tier 4 – Firelequin, Tyron, Vadamagma

If you go fishing in the bottom of the volcano, your best option is Vadamagma. He is easy to get since he is breedable and with a couple of ranks plus runes, he is able to deal better than average damage. 

Are there any Fire Attackers you would place in different Tiers?

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