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Monster Legends: Fire Supporters Rankings

Monster Legends

The Fire element may have less supporters but it does not mean you should ignore them.

We are continuing our Monster Legends series by moving on towards the Fire Supporters rankings for Legendary characters and which one will help you.

Sure they may not be as helpful as the Nature Supporters but if used correctly they can prove to be troublesome for your opponent.

Just a reminder, these tier rankings were created based on our own play style.

Now on to our Fire Supporters rankings.

Tier 1 – Ingnecia, Metalisha

If you are going to go with one, we recommend Ingnecia because she can deal additional Magic damage and apply a trait blocker. This handy skills negates your opponent’s traits, including bosses.

Tier 2 – Tulekahju, Darmith’s Bodyguard

This maybe close, but we would recommend Darmith’s Bodyguard. He earned the top spot because he can give Water and Special protection, making life difficult for your opponents who are water based.

Tier 3 – Firyna, Granuy

Of these two monsters, we would lean to Granuy because he can hand out double damage and remove negative affects.

Tier 4 – Greedy Dragon

He earned the lone spot because he doesn’t have a good number of strong supporting skills. You would be better off picking up another Fire supporter instead.

Are there any Fire Supporters you would place in another tier?




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