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Monster Legends: Legendary Dark Attacker Rankings

Monster Legends

The Dark element is one of the most intriguing elements in the mobile game, Monster Legends.

We continue our Monster Legends series with the focus shifting towards Legendary Dark Attacker rankings.

Previously covered Light Attackers, we thought the Dark element was the perfect follow-up.

We ranked the Dark Attackers into four different tiers, based on our playing styles and what we have seen over the years.

These may not be perfect but we are comfortable where we placed them.

Tier 1 – Barbatos, Krugbo, & Nox the Condemed

Barbatos can give himself double damage and has a skill that deals 90 damage, which is higher than most special skills.  Krugbo has the highest strength (3,775) for a Dark monster along with giving himself an extra turn and is capable of recovering all of his stamina. Nox’s strength is near the top of the Dark monsters, which works well with the double damage he can give himself. Oh yeah, he has a AOE attacked with 80 damage.

Tier 2 – Baltasar, Little Red Furry Cap, Hirondeleor, Pa’lhax, Harusami, Ra’Zhul, General Nishant, & Will Razor Face.

This group fell short of Tier 1 by a narrow margin but they are still vital to the success of your team. Some of these attackers have solid supporting skills to help make up. Harusami and will are two that really shine out of the group.

Tier 3 – The Ringer, Fenrir, Noctum, Klectus, Erebus, Count Vlad, Fampira, & MMOnster.

These monsters muddle in Tier 3 thanks to various reasons. Some are slow or may have less than stellar skills. The best of these group would be MMOnster because of his life steal abilities.

Tier 4 – Nebotus, Darkzgul, Lotan, Lostyghost, & Hayman.

Most of these are older monsters, which is part of why they ranked in Tier 4. Hayman, who is a relative new comer, earned this spot because of his lack of any solid stats and/skills. This is part of the reason he has become a running joke in the Monster Legends community.

Share your thoughts and your own Legendary Dark Attacker rankings.

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