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Monster Legends: Legendary Light Supporters Rankings

Monster Legends

Our Monster Legends series continues as we review the rest of the Light element.

We started the series off with the Light Attacker rankings and now shift our focus to the ranking the Legendary Light Supporters.

There are a total of 25 Light legendary characters and we consider 13 of them to be a part of the supporter class. We took a look at each of the characters and reviewed their stats and skills when making our determination of where to rank them.

On to our Legendary Light Supporter rankings.

Tier 1 Incognita, Oghma, & Demise

These felt natural in the top spot. Incognito has double damage and precision for the entire team. Demise has can give one ally double damage & an extra turn. If you are smart, you could use characters, like Reptie, where his triple damage buff works with hers. Oghma can give shields of other elements to his team, like Fire, Nature, Water, and Electric.

Tier 2 Monky, Bright, Shakti, & Lux Aura

These four suffer slightly and miss out on the top spot due to their stats and cooldowns. Of the group, Monky is the best because he can mega stun a target, give precision to his entire team and make them immune stun.

Tier 3 Uriel, Hasai, Ingvar, Queen Luthien, and Ahran

This group is average overall with no must have skills and ones you can find better options for. If you go with one, Ingvar is the best choice. His ability to stun, give the team regeneration, and make opponents weak to light attacks.

Tier 4 Ingvar’s Bodyguard  & Kassia

These two characters are at the bottom thanks to their stats and lackluster skills. If you were stuck choosing between them, go with Kassia because she can revive her allies, though it is at the cost of her own life.

Be sure to let us know if you have any different ranking for Legendary Light Supporters.


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