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Monster Legends: Legendary Light Attacker Rankings

Monster Legends

Monster Legends, by Social Point, has created a wide variety of element based characters to use in battle against your foes.

JG13Gamer wanted to start a new series focusing on the mobile game, Monster Legends, by starting with the Legendary Light Attacker rankings.

We have been playing Monster Legends over the last two years and have learned a thing or two when it comes to selecting Legendaries. Sure our style may not fit the same as yours, but it is something that has worked for us.

For the purpose of this series, we decided to break down the Legendary Light Attacker into tiers.

Tier 1 Patrion & Taiga

These two earned the top spot for various reasons. Taiga has skill that does 70 damage and applies bleeding. Patrion has a higher strength along with a 70 damage attack with bleeding and removing positive effects.

Tier 2 Layth, Globrush, Lau Lau, Bella Baal & Valgar the Pure

Each of these characters are not bad overall, but they missed because their strength is not as high as Tier 1 and their skills have longer cooldowns.

Tier 3 Arch Knight & Obsidane

Both of these characters do not shine because their strength stat is lower than the top two tiers. This is a big detriment when it comes to doing significant damage.

Tier 4 Ingvar’s Pet, King Daeron & Ingvar’s Bodyguard

Each of these attackers suffer from not being able to buff their attack and having a weak skill set. You would need two supporters on the team to make them useful.

Let us know if you think certain Legendary  Light Attackers should be in different tiers, let us know.

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