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Monster Legends Mythics… Just Why

Monster Legends Mythics

Is it a good thing Monster Legends have given us a new rarity?

We should be excited with the news of Monster Legends Mythics coming to one of our favorite mobile games, but we are far from it.

First we heard they are tuning down creating new legendaries and will be focusing their efforts on Mythics. This was not a big issue at first but until we had a chance to take a deeper look what was being offered. 

The big push by Socialpoint is they are trying to change the meta in the game. Sure this could be good news, but not this time. 

The issues we see with the new Mythic rarity.

  1. What skills them is the skills.The set makes them feel more in line with the earlier legendaries, from 2015 – 2017. We are thinking along the lines of Frostbite, Blob, and Sarah. 
  2. Space is an issue. You have to have a habitat for them. The only island at the moment you can unlock is the Ancient Island. This will cost you real money.  Maybe you have room, but if you have been around in the game for a while, this is something you don’t have.
  3. You can only have one of them. While the same thing pertains to the Forsaken, the problem is the Mythics are bad. 
  4. One thing they mentioned was higher feeding requirements. How much we don’t know.

Instead of spending your energy, you would be better off going after breedable legendaries. Three good examples are Slivia, Shalinar, & Will Razor Face. The skill sets of the exclusive Mythics are on par the ones we mentioned. 

We see it is a waste of effort, resources, time, and possible gems.Yes, there is a chance they may excel if you rank them up to level 150, but again that goes back to risk versus reward.


One possible fix is to let players obtain a new island, maybe for gems. Or you could put them into the same habitat as a legendary. 

If you are determined to pick one, we would say Armorclaw. He seems decent as a tank, especially if he gets Mega Taunt.

In the end, you would be better focusing on the monsters you can max out now. This will give you a better chance to grow your roster instead of wasting time.

Let us know what you think of the Monster Legends Mythics?


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