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Monster Legends: Nature Attacker Rankings

Monster Legends

Our Monster Legend series continues with the next element, Nature.

The series continues our focus on the Monster Legends mobile game with a look at the Nature attackers rankings based on our personal experience.

JG13 Gamer and I have already covered the attackers from the Dark and Light elements.

We decided to move into the Nature element since it felt like the natural progression.

First up is the rankings for the Legendary Nature attackers and how we see them playing out in the current style.

Tier 1 -The Judgement, Fightreer, Petro Loa, Clivia

Each of these attackers can hold their own but bring something a little different to the table. The best one is Clivia thanks to being able to give himself double damage, make their entire opponent’s team weak to nature, and has an attack that returns his health equal to the damage he did.

Tier 2 – Ape-x, Oikawa, Guava Juice

This group is right below Tier 1 but they can hold their own if used right. If you go with one, we suggest Oikawa thanks to his stun ability and the massive damage he can deal out. Do not forget his high strength stat which helps bump up the demon’s damage.

Tier 3 -Gullin, Plymouth, Osur the Brave

Pickings get slimmer with Tier 3 as the characters may have a usable ability or two.When it comes down to it, Plymouth is the best choice of the three. He earns the nod because of his ability to make your opponents weak to nature.

Tier 4 – Flirty, Lagerchaun

If you have to go this route, then you do. When dealing with the bottom of the barrel, we recommend Lagerchaun but not by much. The one thing that helps his is the single stun and the single blind attack.

 Are there any Nature Attackers that you would place in a different tier?





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