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Monster Legends: Nature Supporter Rankings

Monster Legends

Picking the right Legendary Nature monster can go a long way.

Our Monster Legend Series continues with a tier ranking of the sometimes the under utilized Nature Supporter characters.

We previously discussed Nature Attackers and though some of the tier rankings may have been questionable, we think we nailed it. We always find it a bit more subjective when it comes to reviewing the supporters for each element.

Just a reminder, the Nature Supporters were sorted into tiers based on our playing style. On to our ranking of the supporters from the Nature Element.

Tier 1 – Nadiel (All Versions), Psilotus, El Dino Volador, Sarah, Alces’ Pet

When it comes down to it, if you have any of these monsters in your stable then you are sitting pretty. We recommend first getting Psilotus because he an AOE possession, can drain stamina from an opponent, or give stamina to an ally and an extra turn.

Tier 2 -Laomu, Living Forest, Kiridar, General Alces, Cyan Nathura, Sylvannis

These supporters may not be on the same level of Tier 1 but they are no slouches. There are several monsters who can give your team an edge. If you want to gain the edge, we recommending going with Kiridar first. She can make your opponents weak to nature, break shields, and has a single stun move.

Tier 3 – Nemestrinus, Roastie, Kulkan, Yilitre, Drekk

We are starting to find it harder to rank this tier because of what the monsters have to offer. They are more like one trick ponies. If you have to select one, we recommend Yilitre. It can give you immunity to possession, blind all targets, and has a single stun move.

Tier 4 – Firus

Well there is only one who fell to this tier. Sure he looks cool like a Christmas tree. His stats are pretty low and the only decent move he has is a blind.

Let us know which Nature Supporters you feel are integral to the success of your team.

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