Monster Legends: New Legendary Monsters to Breed

Monster Legends

More breedable monsters is perfect way to help the game.

Monster Legends has become a little easier for new players and their stable of monsters with the newest fix, new legendary monsters to breed.

We previously discussed which legendary monsters to breed and how to get them but Social Point has added a few more to make getting them easier.

The following monsters can be achieved through breeding.

Trilops (Gridiron /Irockman)

Niradia (Anaitis / Freeza)

Firelequin (Fenix / Ao Loong)

Super Dan (Xpug / Squamata Jr)

Exo Skeel (Chordim / Griffex)

Hasai (Rootziel / Goath’el)


If you missed our previous discussions on legendary monsters, head over to the link.


Let us know if you have had any success with breeding these new Legendary monsters.

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