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Monster Legends Releasing Monster Lab This Week

Monster Lab

Dr. Viktor has come up with his new creation, Monster Lab, and it promises to give fans a refreshed look on the Monster Legends game.

Monster Lab is the biggest change we have seen come to the Monster Legends game since they introduced the Metal element and boy are we excited.

The basics of the newest addition is the player being able to acquire Monster cells. You can get these from completing dungeons and using the Extractor on hatched monsters.

These cells are used for two things in Monster Lab.

Rank Up Your Current Monster – Once you acquire enough cells, you put your favorite monster past their current level limits. For example, Legendary characters will be able to get up to level 130.

Crafting – This feature will not be available right away but it looks promising. When you have enough of a certain monster’s cell, you will be able to create that monster. You will get these cells from the Extractor or in the shop for gems. Some will be rewarded through the game.

There are also going to be some new dungeons for you to test your skills at.

You can find out more information about Monster Labs over at Monster Wiki.

Monster Legends fans, let us know if you are excited for the new Monster Lab?

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