Monsters Unleashed # 1 Review

Monsters Unleashed

When we heard about this new title for Marvel, we were thrilled but did the first issue let us down?

Marvel decided to kick off 2017 with a series we were excited to read with Monsters Unleashed # 1 and we are glad they did.

The story is pure fun, plain and simple.

Sure there is no amazing dialogue to create a grand picture, but there is plenty going on to keep us interested as it starts out loaded with action.

You get to story to the end of the issue with Elsa Bloodstone.

The artwork is crisp and fans are able to get to see some of their favorite heroes singled out. The monsters are brought to life in solid action scenes on every page.

We are curious to see where the rest of this mini-series goes and will be sure to pick it up. We would recommend you grab it too if you love gigantic monsters.

Besides how can you go wrong with Fing Fang Foom?

Here are a few more images of what you can expect from Monsters Unleashed # 1.

Comic Information:

  • Published: Marvel Comics
  • Writer: Cullen Bunn
  • Penciler: Steve McNiven
  • Inker: Jay Leisten
  • Color Artist: David Curiel
  • Letterer: VC’s Travis Lanham

If you picked up Monsters Unleashed # 1, let us know what you think of it.

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