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Monsters Unleashed by Marvel Set for 2017

Monsters Unleashed

There have been some great comic crossovers before like Identity Crisis, Age of Apocalypse, and The Infinity Gauntlet. Marvel is planning the next one.

Marvel’s next big crossover event, Monsters Unleashed, is expected to showcase an all out attack on the Marvel Universe by all of Marvel’s monsters simultaneously.

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we were able to gain more insight into what fans should expect with the event.

According to the article, Marvel says there plan is to cram in as many monsters as they can into this major event. They even mentioned how we could see normal good guy, Groot on the side of the monsters. In terms of heroes, we can expect to see any and all of them come to fight off these monsters, even down to the street crime fighters like Luke Cage.

While no major story details were given out, one thing did come to mind. Where are they going to place the Hulk? It would be interesting to see what would happen if the big green guy is on the side of the monsters and goes against his fellow heroes.

There are a few monsters we would love to see grace the pages of Monsters Unleashed like Fin Fang Foom and Droom.











Things are scheduled to kick off in January 2017.

Who would you like to see them add to this comic crossover event? Are you planning on checking out Monsters Unleashed or are you going to pass on it?

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