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Morbius: Hope No Sequel Is Intended

Morbius Review

Can the second time be the charm?

Morbius was released back into theaters this past week but is this something anyone actually wanted to happen.

Based on the popularity of the memes, Sony thought it was worth it to shove the film back into theaters for a second run. Perhaps someone should have showed them the memes. 

Normally here we would bypass discussing any spoilers. For the sake of this movie and our future, we may drop one or two.


Though Jared Leto’s performance in the Suicide Squad was a mess, this time he did a better job. Nothing to win an award, but not bad enough to where he ruined the movie. 

There were plenty of unintentional laughs and we thank them for that.


There is plenty of things we can harp on but will focus on three things.

First and foremost, the script is the biggest issue with the Morbius movie. There are so many inconsistencies or spots where things were glossed over. This felt weird even more so because the movie is under 2 hours. This is not like Snyder film where there is too much footage and they need to pare down.

The second issue we had was the CGI. The trailer footages should a specific color effect that appeared tied to Morbius or Milo. Nope, we learned that the effects are tied to the clothes they were wearing. Perhaps they took the idea from the Flash or Sonic. Rather we think it was meant to hide any of the sloppy vampire CGI. Also, the slow motion punches looked bad, like 2000’s bade.

Last but not least is Milo / Lucien, or the antagonist. Matt Smith did an okay job of playing him, but had two memorable scenes. The one is the atrocious music number. Our biggest issues is the placement. We think it would had made sense to use it the moment he got his powers.

The last one is when he takes his final breathe. It felt like he went out with a whimper.

Needless to say, this is a movie you can pass on the second run. Wait for it to pop up on cable and enjoy.

If you saw the movie the first time around or this second wave, feel free to share your thoughts on a Morbius Review.

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