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More Rick and Morty Pop Figures Coming

Rick and Morty Pop Figures

The dynamic duo are back in the Funko world.

Funko has decided to grace the collectible world with another round of more Rick and Morty pop figures to help fill out your personal collection. 

We were a big fan of some previous Rick and Morty Pop figures so we were going to check the newest additions out. We figured that they would be able to improve upon on the previous collection and wanted to share with you what we found.

Here are more RIck and Morty Pop figures we can expect to see.

  • Space Suit Rick with Snake
  • Space Suit Morty with Snake
  • Hospice Morty
  • King of $#!+ with sound,
  • Rick with a Crystal Skull
  • Mr. Poopy Butthole Auctioneer

Here are some images for these new Rick and Morty Pop Figures.

Though we are not a huge fan of the Rick and Morty show, we do have some opinions on these figures. We do like some of the variants but our favorite one has to be the King of $#!+ with sound. This added feature appeals to us and shows potential for down the road.

On the negative side, we are not sure why they had to show both Rick and Morty in space suits.

Maybe it was vital to the season , but personal we think they could have gone with another different Morty version. If we are wrong here, let us know.

You can expect to see these new Pop figures on the shelves over the next month or two. Be sure to check out your local retailers to grab your favorite ones before they are gone. 

Let us know whether you will pick up any of these Pop Figures when these come out.

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