Motor City ComicCon 2013 Right Around the Corner

2012 Motor City Comic Con

Power Boy and I realized today there is less than five months until we get a chance to have some fun at the 2013 Motor City Comic Con from May 17th to May 19th.

Last year was the first time we attended and we were both more than thrilled. Not only did we get a chance to check out a lot of cool memorabilia and toys, we had a chance to see a wide gambit of media and comic book guests.

This year in addition to some quality comic book and media guests, they managed to get the man, Stan Lee, to stop by on Saturday to visit. What else needs to be said?

Over the coming months, we will be sure to highlight who we are excited to see and share any thoughts on what we will be looking for when we attend.

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3 thoughts on “Motor City ComicCon 2013 Right Around the Corner

  1. Hey how would you guys feel about seeing some of the Power Rangers at this year’s Motor City Comic Con? I was just down in Lexington and they were the hit of LexCon this year. I have a friend who does some event booking for them and he said unless there is a demand he wont look into it but I said “Are you serious????!!! Michigan would love to host the Rangers!!” So I’m just curious who else is interested in that idea!!! Sound off!

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