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Movie Review: Godzilla

Power Boy and Magnificent Mom decided to surprise me on Father’s Day by picking up an awesome looking Godzilla t-shirt, which worked perfectly since we had plans to see the movie Godzilla.

The first thing you need to know is to forget the older Godzilla movies or the most recent one that struggled to give us a solid foundation on why the creatures are behaving the way they do

The movie did a decent job of of providing a background on the creatures involved but really impressed us with how they had a solid balance between the creatures and the humans.

By making us care for the characters, we were more invested with it than had it been just a movie about creatures fighting.

While it was a bit unrealistic for the lead actor to escape death countless times, the movie still worked. I also like the small nod to Mothra when the father-son duo were exploring their old house.

Power Boy loved the scene when Godzilla put the female Muto to rest and was spot on with how the movie ended.

The ending for the movie was solid, enough to give us closure on this movie but providing ample room if they would like to continue the franchise.

Even if you are not a fan of the Godzilla series, you will find your self rooting for the big guy.

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