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Movies DC Studios Should Focus On

The Movies DC Studios should work on was compiled by taking a look at their inventory and looking at the bigger picture.

Shazam: Fury of the Gods comes out next month and starts the parade of the final movies tied to the DCEU.

There are a few movies we think the new heads at DC Studios should focus on.

Superman The opening phases of the 10 year plan needs to have Superman be a part of the focus. He has been on the sideline too long and needs to bring the red cape back.

Lobo Sure maybe the writing is on the wall with Jason Momoa and his recent social media activity. We absolutely think this is the right path.

Green Lantern Corps We are not sure if there is a certain Green Lantern they should focus on or perhaps the group as a whole. Not only would it bringing in some heavy hitters, it would help tie in the previously mentioned.

Batman Beyond We had discussed this previously. It would be an actual fresh take on the Batworld and would be a good way to let it grow.

Legion of Doom Something else we had previously discussed under the earlier regime. Suicide Squad is nice, but focusing on how the group of bad guys band together would be unique and different.

Now the list may not be perfect and they are only our opinions.

What are the movies DC Studio should focus on?

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