Movies Successes in 2017

Movie Successes

Every years there are movies that will hit it big in the box office and in the hearts of fans.

JG13 Gamer wanted to start off with his first podcast of the year discussing the movie successes for 2017.

Sure you may have already seen our article on our most anticipated movies for this year, but this time we decided to look a little deeper

We sat down and talked about each movie at length to see which five movies we thought would have success this year. Sure some of the ones we selected may seem like easy choices but we are not just looking to see which movies would make money in the theaters.

A true test of a movie is the reaction it garners from the critics but most importantly the movie-goers. With that in mind, we came up with the movies we think are going to be a big hit on all fronts.

Can we be wrong? Probably but from what we have seen so far, we like the odds.

If you want to hear more of his thoughts check out the video below.

JG13 Gamer Podcast v 1.1 Movies Succeeding in 2017 by JG13Gamer


Let us know what you think will be the movie successes for the year.

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