Mulan Pop Figures Arriving Soon

Mulan Pop Figures

Bring some of the favorite characters from Mulan home.

Funko is ready to help foster your courage and save China from the Huns while restoring your family’s honor with their newest creation, Mulan Pop Figures. 

The collectible giant has represented movies well in the past with Toy Story  but we were curious since this was an animated movie that is being switched to live action. The Aladdin Pop figures are a good example of what we could expect.

The following Pop Figures will be available.

  • Mulan riding Khan
  • Mulan disguised as Ping
  • Mushi with a Gong
  • Li Shang
  • 10″ Mushi 

Here are some images of the Mulan Pop figures.

We like how Funko designed these Pop figures but we are not in love with them, aside from the Mushi ones.

We are not sure why, but the lack of variants with this lineup leads up to believe they are not sold on the success of the upcoming Mulan movie.

There is no hard date set for the Pop Figures, but you can expect they will be out prior to March 2020.

Are you going to consider picking up any of the Mulan Pop Figures?

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