Munchkin Game Going Digital

Munchkin Game

The Munchkin series is going to venture where it has not gone before.

Steve Jackson Games is in final stages of talks with Asmodee Digital to bring the Munchkin Game into the digital environment.

We are true fan of the series several other of Steve Jackson games, like Cthulhu Dice.

While some people may not be unsure about the venture into digital, we are excited.

For starters, Steve Jackson games has the final say on the game so everything we love will about the games will still be there.

Another positive since is Asmodee has brought other tabletop games to the digital world with success.

Right now there is no definite plan for which platform which the Munchkin game would be one but we had some ideas.

We think it would work best on mobile  because we could envision this game being played online.

This has potential and should bring the Munchkin world to those who have yet to experience it before.

Are you excited for the Munchkin games coming to your nearest gaming platform?

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