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Mutants and the MCU Should Succeed

Mutants and the MCU

The mutants have already begun to seep into the MCU.

Fans have waited for the Mutants and the MCU to merge, but are our hopes going to be dashed when it happens?

There are some who want the characters to be as they were in the previous movie versions, especially when it comes to those like Logan or Professor X. While this is ideal, we do not expect to see this happen. We can thank Father Time for that.

Others would like to see a new variation of our familiar mutants and expanded upon it. While this may not be the most enjoyable route, it should be something fans will adapt too. The strength of the MCU movies has been the characters and their development. This is something always found in the mutants storylines.

The last way could be a completely twist and turn on the mutants and make it 100% new. Most people would not like to see this, but this might have the best chance of working. Also this would give them the creative freedom.

Which ever part they pick, we just hope the MCU does them justice.

Their presence will be more pronounced thanks to Ms. Marvel and the upcoming Black Panther movie. We should have a better idea of how things will play out next year.

Then time will tell how the Mutants are brought into the MCU. We just hope they are able to do it justice.,

What do you think of the future for the Mutants and the MCU?

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