My Hero Academia All Might ARTFX Is Being Added

My Hero Academia All Might ARTFX

A true symbol of peace.

Kotobukiya has created a All Might ARTFX statue to expand their ever growing line for the hit anime series My Hero Academia. 

This newest collectible is the eight character in the ARTFX line for My Hero Academia. At this rate, it looks like there is no slowing them down in how many more they want to create.

The ARTFX statue sculpt is based on the concept “facing up against the villains” like Tomura Shigaraki.

It is in 1/8 scale or stand just under 9 1/2 inches and will be supported by a sculpted rock base.

Here are a few images of All Might.

The devil is in the details and it shows how much time the artists at Kotobukiya put into All Might. From the chiseled muscles to the dynamic colors, he was brought to life. Though it would be a shame to keep him locked in his box, don’t fear because it is stupendous. 

You can pre-order the All Might statue from Kotobukiya for $104.99 and expect to see it around November 2020.

What are your thoughts on the My Hero Academia All Might ARTFX by Kotobukiya?

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