Naruto Pop Figures Coming Soon

Naruto Pop Figures

Get ready to go on an epic adventure with some of your favorite shinobi.

Funko is continuing their dive into Pop! Animation with their upcoming release of new Naruto Pop Figures that are sure to capture your attention and money.

We covered a some new Pop figures for Naturo that came out earlier in the year. Once we heard there was going to be another run, we were hooked.

The following figures will be released.

  • Naruto Running
  • Gaara
  • Orochimaru
  • Tsunade
  • Naruto vs Sasuke Moment *exclusive at Gamestop
  • Naruto (Sexy Jutsu) *exclusive at Lunchbox

Here are a few images of the Naruto Pop Figures.

The four main figures are solid, especially the Naruto running and the Orochimaru. Our favorite one is the Pop Moment of Naruto vs Sasuke. Funko did a great job of setting the scene with the simple poses. 

We are on the fence with the Naruto Sexy Jutsu figure. There is a market for it, but it is something not in our wheelhouse. 

The new figures will be available in the coming months. Make sure to keep your eyes open when visiting your local retailers.

Would you consider picking up any of the Naruto Pop Figures?

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