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NECA Contra Figures Are Available Now

NECA Contra Figures

NECA has what you are looking for if you want to relive your glory years as a military commando sent to neutralize a terrorist organization.

NECA has decided to add to their line of classic video games figures by releasing a collector’s set of Contra figures.  The special edition 2-pack includes Bill and Lance action figures in their 8-bit glory.

The Konami game was a side scrolling game which features a character equipped with a rifle and limitless ammo. The weapon upgrades were an enjoyable addition to the game play but it really shined in coop mode. Though if you were paired with a slower player, it could be frustrating.

The game was a blast to play and one that soaked up endless hours of my youth.

The figures will stand 7″ tall with new head sculpts and have ‘pixilated’ paint deco. The set will also include custom-designed weapons based on the classic game; detachable blast effects for the weapons; and that infamous power-up capsule with a clear support stand for “floating” effect.

If you want to leave them in the package, no worries. It has a special window to recreate the look of the classic game cartridge.

Here is an image of Bill and Lance raring to go.

NECA Contra Figures

These figures are available on the NECA Ebay store now for $43.99 or you can wait until they arrive at your local retailers,

Would you consider picking up the NECA Contra figures?

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