NECA Godzilla 2001 Atomic Blast Unboxing

Godzilla 2001 Atomic Blast

The King of Monsters is being unleashed in another unique figure.

NECA has decided to release their newest version of the top kaiju with a Godzilla 2001 Atomic Blast fiigure that is sure to be at the top of your action figure list.

We have previously did unboxings on Shin Godzilla and Reactor Godzilla. But we had to jump at the chance when we saw this figure on the shelf.

There is no doubt it is an eye catcher with the color scheme NECA used and we like the thought of seeing Godzilla in action with his Atomic breathe.

Check out the review by JG13 Gamer as he shares his thoughts on Godzilla 2001 Atomic Blast.


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