NECA Harley Quinn Leg Lamp Arriving Soon

NECA Harly Quinn

Suicide Squad opened in theaters this weekend and NECA found the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of the big screen appeared of Harley Quinn.


The company who has created some sweet Aliens Creature sets has decided to tackle the DC Universe with this NECA Harley Quinn Leg Lamp.

NECA Harly Quinn While the lamp may not hold the same level of stature like the one from ‘A Christmas Story’, there is something to say about the lamp.

The lamp stands 20 inches tall and is 19 inches wide, making it the perfect size for a desk lamp.

The lamp gives plenty of light and accepts a 40-watt bulb. If you are looking for a low light to set the mood, the leg portion uses a 5-watt bulb.

Whether you are a fan of Harle Quinn or not, this is the perfect addition to your DC collection and to give you a good conversation starter.

Would you consider picking up the NECA Harley Quinn lamp?

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