NECA Releasing A Shin Godzilla Figure

Shin Godzilla Figure

NECA has created some amazing action figures based on various movies, but they really nailed this version of Godzilla.

The Shin Godzilla figure was crafted for fans of the 2016 movie where we got to see the franchise return to it’s roots of the King of the Monsters.

To say we were thrilled when we heard this news, it would be an understatement. We were a big fan of the Shin Godzilla movie and are glad to see a worthy figure was created.

NECA has designed a great looking Kaiju for collectors.

The Shin Godzilla is going to stand 6 ” tall and 12 ” long. The figure is going to have over 30 points of articulation to go along with the articulated tail.

Overall, we love the look of this figure. We think they create a solid image of it and represented it perfectly from what was displayed on the big screen.

Here are a few images of the Shin Godzilla figure to wet your appetite.



Would you consider picking up this Shin Godzilla Figure by NECA?

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